Violett Dragonlady

Book Cover Artist

2 Magazine Covers & 2 Logos

Violett Dragonlady has provided logos and magazine covers.

In 2017, she designed the masthead/logo for the new annual magazine, the Wolfian Press Review.

In 2018, she designed the whole cover for the second edition of the Wolfian Press Review.

In 2021, Violett completed the deisgn for the new Infinity Wanderers magazine cover, using the base image that follows, and this has been used for issues 1 to 3 throughout 2022.

Below are full details of books for which Violett has created the cover illustration:-

The base illustration for Infinity Wanderers magazine

Wolfian Press Review 2017

The Wolfian Press Review 2017

Literary Magazine
The premier edition of the Wolfian Press Review includes, amongst many others: historical articles by Gillian Mawson (on World War 2 evacuees) and Sarah Reay (on WW1 army chaplaincy); a feature by Brian G. Davies on Befriending as a volunteering charitable role; short stories by Michel Hersen, Rusty Gladdish and Swaroop Acharjee; poetry by Denny Marshall, Simon R Gladdish, Rose McConahy, Violett Dragonlady and Gary Beck; a major art feature on Swansea valley artist Lynnford Jones; flash fiction by Jerry Vilhotti; an article on his publishing journey by Steve McAuliffe; an article on writing by Charles M Fraser.

The cover photograph was by Michel Hersen, and the new masthead, showing all four seasons of the year, was designed by Violett Dragonlady.

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Dancers of the Mind

The Wolfian Press Review 2018

Literary Magazine
The Wolfian Press Review 2018 includes an Art Feature with Mikey Jones of Wrexham, Wales, stories by Emma Hines and Michel Hersen, an excellent Poets' Quarter featuring work by Rose McConahy, Simon R Gladdish, Gary Beck, Brian G Davies, Grey Wolf, Stephen Kellegher, Benjamin Okun and Steve McAuliffe, plus articles and features, including history, real-life stories, music and art.

The Wolfian Press Review 2018 masthead, designed by Violett Dragonlady incorporates the annual nature of the publication in the seasonal images flanking the wording.

The cover photographs for the Wolfian Press Review 2018, are also by Violett, as is the design elements upon them.

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Issue 1 of Infinity Wanderers magazine

Infinity Wanderers magaine #1-3
Edited by Grey Wolf

Alternate History & History Magazine
Infinity Wanderers is a new magazine publication, aiming at being half alternate history and associated genres, and half real history, with travel and biography. In addition it supports an element of poetry, art, and review.

Issue 1 had a lead story 'The Nostalgia Machine' by Hannah Hoare, an interview with author Christopher P. Mooney, history article Under Six Flags by L.G. Parker, poetry from Ron Torrence, and Simon R. Gladdish, stories 'Stalin's Bunker; by John F. Keane, 'Galatea' by Anselmo J. Alliegro, 'Barbarella and Kenton' by Rusty Gladdish, 'Mr Capone Was Our Milkman' by Christopher P. Mooney, 'The Bullet' by K.M. Mohr and 'Inside The Pale' by Robert Wexelblatt. Further history articles come, posthumously, from Brian G. Davies with "Memories of Kings School, Ely, in the Wartime 1940s' and from Jon N. Davies with "William Gough, Captain, Royal Navy', a biographical study of the man who was Byng's 1st lieutenant on the Ramillies at Minorca.

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Infinity Wanderers logo

AHF Magazine
Logo and Masthead

Alternate History & SciFi Magazine

The logo and masthead for AHF Magazine were designed by Violett Dragonlady. They were used on 12 issues of the magazine, from 2016 to 2020. All issues are now out of print, after reaching the end of their 2 years in print lifespan, but back copies can be ordered from the publisher by emailing

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