Jonathan Doering


Titles in print: Earworms

Science Fiction

Jonathan Doering has been a Quaker for nearly twenty years, and has worked mainly in sixth form and further education and community development, with a special focus on racial equality and integration.

He holds Master's degrees in Creative Writing and Quaker Studies, and his MA thesis on Quaker poetry was recently published in Quaker Studies journal.

Jonathan has published fiction, poetry and journalism in various newspapers and magazines, including: The Friend, Quaker Voices, Christians Aware, Faith Initiative, Concrete, Bucket of Tongues, Cascando, Icarus, LitSpeak, Poetry Manchester, Backdrop, Contemporary Review, AltHist, Brittle Star, Gold Dust (which won a Best Prose Award), The Guardian, and The Green Parent. His SF e-novella, Earworms, is available on Amazon.

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Jonathan Doering, author of Earworms

Jonathan Doering, author of Earworms.

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