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Titles in print: The Falklands: My Experience

History & Photography

Jack Massey was born in 1945 and has been a rover since the day he was born. His father moved with his job so went to three schools, two in England, but finishing in Wales. Jack has lived in 24+ homes.

Jack joined the army as a boy soldier in Crickhowell, South Wales in 1962 in the Royal Welch Fusiliers.He joined the main service in 1964, serving in Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, The FALKLANDS, and exercises in the USA and Norway. He transferred to The Army Catering Corps in 1970, and served with 10 Royal Corps of Transport and Royal Engineers in Germany, and was a catering Instructor in Aldershot.

He was posted to the 7th Duke of Edinburgh's Ghurkha Rifles in 1980, and it was while serving with 7GR that he found himself going to war in the Falklands. Having been back to the Falklands three times since the war ended, he was inspired to make a photographic record of the battle sites as they are in the sun.

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J. R. Massey, author of The Falklands: My Experience

J. R. Massey, author of The Falklands: My Experience.

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