The Slayer

Grey Wolf

Alternate History & Science Fiction novella

This book is currently unpublished, but is in the long list for republication

Who is The Slayer?
Jason Wolfe awakes in a strange bed in a strange apartment, and finds photographs on the walls appearing to show himself over time as a different person, a Slayer to the Emperor of Albion. He finds a code-locked chamber full of grotesque trophies, his winnings from the tournaments he has been engaged in, and realises that he has somehow switched worlds, into an alternate universe where the person everyone thinks he is, is this Slayer, this gladiatorial type of fellow, who has also risen to become an advisor to the Emperor, and a friend to the imperial family.

The Slayer Must Survive
Jay finds himself in the middle of schemes, trying to balance different factions of people, knowing all the time that he does not have the skills of his alternate self, and will have to rely more on his wits and less on his fighting prowess to survive.

The cover for The Slayer was commissioned from London-based artist Derek Roberts. It was designed to be a montage of scenes from the novel, including the arena, the Slayer, an ornithopter, and an alternate London skyline.

The Slayer is not currently available for sale, but will be republished in the medium term

The Slayer by Grey Wolf

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