The Goughs of Ynyscedwyn

Jon N. Davies

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Local History of Wales & Biography

The Gough family were originally from the Saint Briavels area of Gloucestershire, near to the Monmouthshire border. In 1717 William Gough married Catherine Portrey, daughter of the squire of Ynyscedwyn. By the 1740s it was obvious that her brother, Christopher, now squire in his turn would have no legitimate heir, and so agreement was made between the families for William and Catherine's eldest son to inherit the Portrey estate, upon the condition that he adopt the additional surname of Aubrey (the family who had owned the estate for generations before the Portreys had inherited it from them). In 1752, this son, now Richard Gough Aubrey inherited the Ynyscedwyn estate, thus bringing it into the Gough family where it would stay until the male line ran out in the 1930s.

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