Jonathan Doering

Science Fiction Novella

"Yes, Philip, that's what you are, isn't it? You're a spy."

How has an intelligent but naiive academic ended up in a deadly stand-off inside a top-secret scientific research establishment? Newly married and graduated musicologist Philip Fry is offered his dream job, working on the top-secret 'Earworms' research project, exploring the use of music and sounds to 'build social cohesion'.

As Philip digs deeper into the nature of the project, however, dream turns to nightmare as he discovers the true, sinister nature of the project, and his managers decide that Philip's concerns are becoming annoying background noise...

As his wife Pritha makes enquiries into his whereabouts on the outside, Philip must find a way to raise the alarm from the inside and escape with his life - if he can. What will he do next? Will he escape? Will he and Pritha make beautiful music again?
Read on to find out...

The cover of Earworms features a design by Alex Zhang.

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Earworms by Jonathan Doering

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