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Professional illustrator Joe Swarctz is a graduate of the famous Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Animation, has worked for various animation studios in New York City, works on private commissions as much as illustrating covers and interiors for speculative fiction magazines like Grandfalloon out of Canada, various titles here at Purple Union. Joe counts Chuck Jones, Bruce Timms as only a few of his influences and he is the sole illustrator as well as the creator of all the Echo City books, stage props, and promotional material.

Below is a list of books for which Joe has been involved for Purple Unicorn Media, Scimitar Edge, and Dancing Unicorn:-

Too Many Bunnies

Too Many Bunnies
Ralph Greco Jr. & Joe Swarctz

Children's Picture Book
When magician Presto Chango leaves his house to buy a new magic wand, he leaves his bunnies alone. But two bunnies soon become more... and even more, filling Presto's house and then all of Echo City! Presto has to ask for Nightbat's help, and the two work together to get the wiggling-nose, floppy-eared, fuzzy-tailed bunch o' bunnies under control.

Joe Swarctz is the illustrator of Too Many Bunnies, as well as the creator of the world in which it is set.

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Wreaths of Empire

Wreaths of Empire
Grey Wolf

Alternate History & Naval Fiction
From the 1890s to the 2010s, we follow the story of the world, seen largely through the eyes of rhe British royal family, and the machinations of power within the country. Ship launches, royal reviews, and the constant development of warships set alongside this viewpoint. From ironclads to what we would think of as dreadnoughts, to super battleships mounting 21" guns, and through the development of aircraft carriers, cruisers and submarines we see how naval technolovy, and technical advances in general, drive foreign affairs.

The cover of Wreaths of Empire, and the interior line drawing, were done by Joe Swarctz.

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