Childhood Home: 2 Juniper - A One-Place Study

Local History & One-Place Study

2 Juniper was built in 1976 as part of the expansion of a new estate. A detached house, it sat in a good plot of land, with garden almost on 4 sides of it. Over the years, this allowed for substantial extension - a utility room in 1978, a porch extension onto the front hallway and a bedroom extension above the utility room, and finally a lounge extension, married into the garage in around 1984. Changes occurred to the garden walls, trees, pond, and patio, as well as to garden use. Inside the house, other changes included sliding doors, and a new loft entrance. In 1994, the original buyers of the property sold up upon retirement and moved, one of the last of the families who had bought these properties so to do.

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Childhood Home: 2 Juniper

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